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Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been busy working with my clients to discuss and work on their current challenges. I know many out there are still lost and uncertain, quite a number has lost their confidence, and many business owners have had to make difficult decisions.

I empathize with their situation.


Almost everyone I spoke to in my circle is affected by the COVID-19. Loss of revenue/sales/income and bills to pay; it is a difficult time for many.

After getting a lot of requests for me to share content and tips on Facebook, I feel that the sharing of the content is not enough.


Knowledge without taking action is just HOPE.


Rafi Ansari


Rafi Ansari Singapore's Trusted Business Coach

My mission is to knock sense into business owners, by giving them clarity and focus, so that they achieve what they have set out to achieve.

rafi Ansari

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The best way to help, I believe, is for me to have an enlightening business coaching session with you. And that is why I have launched Project100!

So, what is Project100

It is FREE program meant to help 100 business owners overcome their challenges and get clarity on the ways to move forward in their business once the COVID19 episode ends. I have structured it to 2 sessions, with a total of 100 minutes of coaching time.

1. The first session (60 minutes) is a business coaching session by using the GROWTH methodology (an improved version of the popular and effective GROW process).

2. The second session (40 minutes) will be a follow-up session on the actions taken and the results achieved. Ho

The value of this session alone is worth about $400, based on my current rates. Slots are limited to the first 100 who registers and from my records, they are filling up fast.

So, if you have friends (business owners) who might need some clarity during this difficult period, do refer them to this site. I may not be able to help them all, but at least I can try. Power ON!

Jax Ong Top Entrepreneur Spirit of Enterprise

Jax ong

Managing Director

Travel Supplies Pte. Ltd.

Coach Rafi has an arsenal of tools to help business owners set and achieve their goals. His business network, as well as his commitment to helping clients find success, makes him a great business coach to have.

Fatimah Mohsin Top Muslim Woman Entrepreneur Singapore

fatimah mohsin

Celebrity & Fashion Designer

Fatimah Mohsin The Wedding Gallery Pte. Ltd.

Thank you for being the person to look at my business from a different perspective and giving me your honest reviews. I have slowly taken baby steps to improve myself and my organization not just as a makeup artist, designer or wedding planner but as an entrepreneur.

Jerome Lau Splah Productions Top Branding Consultant .png


Managing Director

Splash Productions Pte. Ltd.

As a purpose-driven coach who puts the life and well-being of the entrepreneur before business growth, because without the former, the latter won’t matter. This is where Coach Rafi stands out amongst the other business coaches. However, don’t expect Coach to cut you any slack! Coach Rafi will work with you and push you to excel in both your life and your business. That is how I know he is the right coach for me!!

last updated 16 June 2020