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Hi there! I am Coach Rafi.


Many of you are aware that building a business is not an easy affair and is not for the faint-hearted. Reports have claimed that about 90% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years, and I know none of you would want to belong to that statistic. But here is the thing - it takes a lot of clarity and focus to drive the working parts of your business to success. Unfortunately, many do not have the clarity and neither the focus. For the past 7 years, I have been working with many business owners in the region to overcome their business challenges, and it starts with clarity and focus.

I know many of you are facing the some kind of issues in your business as well, and I am here to help. A lot of business issues can be solved, and all it needs is to clearly define the problem and focus on the solution with a clearly defined strategy. That is why I have designed different coaching programs that suits your budget and needs. Contrary to popular belief, the coaching program does not cost an arm and a leg, and many have gotten back their returns on their investment. 

I understand your skepticism with how coaching would help your business. Thus, for a start, you may book a complimentary introductory coaching session with me, which will allow you to understand what is business coaching and how it would help you.

Yes, the first session is FREE, so book your session (by clicking on the button below) and allow me to be of help to you. 

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My mission is to knock sense into business owners, by giving them
so that they achieve what they have set out to achieve.