May 10, 2017

Many business owners have been using FB Live videos because it seems that everyone is jumping on it. Though it is a very good tool, many business owners have been using it WRONGLY! Many do not plan their FB Live event and do not set the objectives prior to using it. They use it to show an informal side of themselves, however, unless you are a public icon with millions of followers, what you do might be detrimental for your brand.

The key principle is this - THE CONTENT MUST BE OF VALUE, ELSE IT...

October 13, 2016

I have been known to be the Business Coach that tend to rip apart many ideas from business owners.  It pains me to do so, but I believe that many of the business owners that I have met are really deluded about things. They always talk about chasing their dreams, but in due course, many of their ideas have turned into a nightmare.

Many will say," What right have you to rip apart their ideas?" Well, I do not rip them apart, I ensure that they themselves do the ripping. What I do is to ensure...

October 4, 2016

Many business owners that I have met have a misunderstanding of what coaching is all about. They argue that many of the business coaches do not run a successful business at all and do not have extensive business experience.

I do agree to a certain extent. However, let me clear up some misconceptions first. I would like to use an analogy which is written in the The Little Book of Big Coaching Models. In the book, the writer differentiates the different roles of that of a consultant, a counsellor,...

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