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All Coaching Sessions will be carried out online via video-conferencing.


Preparation for Sessions


The Client must be committed to performing all action tasks agreed to within Coaching Sessions. Also, the Client must carry out any reasonable task deemed by the Coach as required in preparation for future sessions. The Client must advise the Coach as soon as the Client is aware that these actions will not or cannot be performed.


Coaching Methods


The Client acknowledges that the Coaching Sessions can be mentally, emotionally and physically challenging. There may be occasions where the Client feels emotional challenges such as frustration, annoyance or stress.

The Client must make all efforts to ensure that they are in peak mental, physical and emotional condition required for each Coaching Session. If necessary, the Client shall take all steps required to cancel a Session in the event that they are not well enough to continue.




The Client will indemnify the Coach in the event of all claims that may be made against the Coach as a consequence of the Coach's performance of this Agreement and otherwise against any loss sustained by the Coach as a consequence of the Client's default in performance of any of his/her agreed obligations.

To the fullest extent allowed by law, the Client will not hold the Coach liable for any loss, damage or cost, economic or otherwise sustained by the Client (or any person associated with the Client) in the event of mental, physical, emotional stress or distress (or other ailment or condition) caused either directly or indirectly in relation to the Coaching Sessions. The Client shall indemnify the Coach in the event of any such claim.


No Warranties Provided


The Coach makes no representation or warranty to the Client that any of the Coaching Methods or the Sessions will work for the Client’s particular circumstances. The Client will not hold the Coach responsible for the failure (in whole or in part) to achieve any of the Client’s goals.


Confidential Material


As part of the Coaching, the Coach may need to obtain the Client’s personal details or confidential material relating to the Client. The Coach will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that such material shall not be disclosed to any third party, other than in the following circumstances:


  • A referral is required in which event the Coach shall seek prior consent from the Client before disclosing any matter to referral source), or

  • Such disclosure is required by law, or

  • The Coach determines that there is a clear and imminent danger to the Client or others.




The Coach agrees to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA). The details of this Agreement and any related client information will not be shared with or used by any third party without prior written consent from the Client.


Independent Contractor


The Client acknowledges that the Coach has been engaged by the Client solely as an independent contractor. The Coach acts at all times as an independent contractor and has no authority to bind or represent any other party in any way. The Client shall not hold any party liable for any act, matter or thing done or to be done by the Coach in the course of the Coaching or the Sessions.


Intellectual Property Rights


Neither these Terms and Conditions, nor the payment of any corresponding Coaching fees in respect of the Coaching activities, gives rise to, or shall give rise to, the creation of, the assignment to, or transfer of, any intellectual property rights in or to the Coaching activities for, in favour of, or in respect of, the Client. In particular, nothing in these Terms and Conditions gives rise to any subsisting or created intellectual property rights (other than in favour of the Coach) in relation to:


  1. processes, techniques, presentations, methodologies, precedents and materials used by the Coach in the Coaching activities ("Primary Materials"); and


  1. all data input, interpretative analysis of, and the resulting output of, the Coaching activities ("Secondary Materials"), collectively, the "Materials".


The Client has no right to use or reproduce any of the Materials, except for the Secondary Materials, in which case, the Client is permitted to retain a copy of those materials for his /her own personal use or possession including for purposes of the Client's own internal business monitoring, performance or people assessment needs (but not otherwise, in any circumstance, for purposes of any separately arranged or derived economic gain, either directly or indirectly organised).


Engagement of The Coach


The Coach shall use best endeavors to be available for the coaching sessions. If the Coach is unavailable for all or part of the program, the Coach has the right to cancel the coaching sessions (since it is a FREE project).