How Not To Use FB Live

Many business owners have been using FB Live videos because it seems that everyone is jumping on it. Though it is a very good tool, many business owners have been using it WRONGLY! Many do not plan their FB Live event and do not set the objectives prior to using it. They use it to show an informal side of themselves, however, unless you are a public icon with millions of followers, what you do might be detrimental for your brand.

The key principle is this - THE CONTENT MUST BE OF VALUE, ELSE IT IS SPAM.

Many are using it to build their personal brand, unfortunately they fail to realise that you need to have a strategy to build that brand. It is not just about 'monkey see, monkey do.' It is about understanding that each strategy is a part of a bigger picture. Let me cite an example.

There was an instant where I see a couple going shopping for groceries and doing FB Live. They see it as engaging their audience, but who exactly is their target audience. What is the objective of doing it? What is the VALUE to the audience? More often than not, it is just about having ourselves on camera.

Another principle is this - IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU, IT IS ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Your customers do not want to see your video having a picnic by the beach.

Your customers do not want to hear you singing the latest hit in your car.

Your customers do not want to see you playing with your cat.

Those are meant for your FB friends.

So, are you going on 'live' to entertain your friends, or are you going on 'live' to give value to your customers or potential customers.

Remember, FB Live should be a part of your marketing strategy. Therefore:

1. Start building your overall marketing strategy.

2. Identify your Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics.

3. Cascade them down to Monthly, Weekly and Daily Plan.

4. Ensure you allocate resources ,such as time and money, to the plan.

5. Execute the plan.

Power ON!